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One SItting degree Delhi

Become a graduate is an everyone desires, a degree is very needful in this new generation society or corporate world to survive respectfully and get a good job or even if you look for arrange marriage or any relationship’ people first asks about qualification or degree to justify your reputation.

It’s like a trend to justify that without a degree a person is not highly qualified or not capable to compete a highly qualified person.

Some are having degree/ graduation or high education background some are not, usually those who are not having a degree they regret and willing to complete their degree or graduation to compete with society or corporate world criteria, we have heard a lot of this kind of cases and this article is completely for those people.

We want them to Stop regretting & have a read this article completely and begin career again with the completion of your study by to opt One Sitting Degree Delhi.

If you are reading this article, probably you’re looking to complete your education or degree which you couldn’t complete because of any XYZ reason and now you have found, as we discussed above it’s very difficult to survive in this new generation competitive world without graduation or a label of the degree holder.

No worries! There are many people looking for the same because of not stability in their earlier education and attend single sitting degree Delhi, we understand some people regret because of lacking in degree or education in their life which they couldn’t have done.

Relax! This article can help you to remake your education and start your career the way you want and help you to earn an advantage in the corporate world. We do believe sometimes an applicant without a degree is having knowledge and experience more than a degree holder but because of eligibility criteria in the corporate world or in the social world, we fail to prove our self.

We are here with you to help you out to fulfill your desire for education and complete your graduation by ways which we will explain below.

An applicant/ candidate possibly have few doubts or queries on this concern, which we will make you clear by our article.

If ever you’ve tried to complete your education or degree possibly you have heard or listened about “One Sitting Degree ” or “One-year Graduation” and this tag line may give you several questions/Queries to you which mentioned below.

Some frequently asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to take admission even though if is have gap in education or I left study several years ago?

You must know one sitting degree Delhi program is completely for those who couldn’t complete their education or degree because of XYZ reason, study breaking method is the process where you can start for a degree in one year though you have a huge gap in your last qualification.

  • Is it legal and acceptable in every corporate offices & Govt. Jobs?

Yes! It’s completely legal and accepted by work sectors as far as you are doing it by the genuine process because these study processes are approved by the Ministry of education.

  • How to choose trustable university degree or a consultant?

Well many candidates are hesitate in this query because of lack of trust in our environment, but we will advise you no matter who is the consultant candidate must check the university and the university is approved by UGC or  not,  As far as University is authorized by Govt. there will be no chance of fakeness and a student can verify his/her degree by checking there enrollment to official website of university and by doing other verifications like RTI, PHYSICAL, POSTAL, THIRD PARTY etc.

  • Is it genuinely possible to complete degree in single Sitting or not?

Yes! it is genuinely possible by three processes of complete one sitting degree program which we will describe below in further details.

  • How to verify degree once you will receive by university?

First you should check online in university you are going to take admission is UGC approved or not in list of UGC approved university by govt. website of the education department which is, After completion of exams and receiving degree, you may check through student login in the university website by using your enrollment number and can also verify through other modes of verifications like Physical, Postal, Third party and RTI.

  • Is it equivalent to other graduation or not?

Yes! It is equivalent to other graduation as the degree is given by verified UGC approved university only, perhaps in some Corporate sectors & some Govt. jobs they may ask for regular course. But usually it is consider as a graduation as it’s already approved by Govt. and acceptable by every work sector.

  • What documents are required to do single sitting degree Delhi?

For admission in this graduation program, requires mark sheet of your last qualification (12th is mandatory) for degree course. Beside this it requires your Govt. ID proof with valid address and 2 photographs.

  • Is one sitting degree is valid in India?

Yes, Indeed it’s valid in India and accepted by every work sectors where degree requires as eligibility criteria. There is no doubt It is completely valid because this is approved through Ministry of education for some universities.

Most universities that are processing through distance education and regular also are taking part in this, so you must check before taking admission or choosing the university.

Pull your chair back and feel free. You are in the right place, we completely take care of our readers we will let you know everything about these queries and set you to go further for your study completion decision. Yes! There is No doubt, it is possible legally approved by UGC and accepted by corporate world anywhere where degree requires.

Here we go, As we all know graduation is 3 years education process either we do it by regular or distance So, here This article will help you to understand “one sitting degree Delhi” completely from root to top as we’ve received a lot of queries on this concern.

Please remember we are not guiding you to complete your education faster or is it good for you or not, though this article will tell you is it legal or not and how to go through this process.

Our main focus is to help you out by your doubts and take the right decision towards your education completion for a bright future.

single sitting degree Delhi

So, let’s read now how we can do this graduation and what the legal ways are for this.

So technically we do have three ways of the process to make single sitting degree Delhi happen which we will explain you in below points, these three processes are completely legal and approved by UGC for some universities though we suggest you to get a proper consultant about the university and start the process. Those three processes are namely:

  1. Credit transfer facility.
  2. Lateral Entry.
  3. Study breaking process.

Let’s start to know about all these processes.


This process will sounds you like to remade your education career which brings you back in your study world or helps you to do it now if you couldn’t do earlier you can start now from where you left or ended.

This process allows students to complete their graduation those are dropped out, not qualified or left in middle from the previous university by any reason.

By this process students are eligible to re-continue their education from a new university from the year they dropped out / left or not qualified.

If you are not clear let’s take an example – if you have completed 1st and 2nd Year from “ABC” UGC approved university but couldn’t qualify the Final year or dropped out because of any reason. By this process, you are eligible to complete your final year from another “BCD” UGC university which allows this process.

This is technically acceptable & legally approved process from UGC and student can proceed with this program any time they want to complete their degree and get one sitting degree Delhi. There are no age criteria or but there are a maximum study gap duration criteria to take part in this process.

We suggest you get a good consultant or contact our expert on given number on this website to know about universities and to start the process and admission process information.

The second method is“LATERAL ENTRY”:-

This is a method sounds like butter on bread which will help you to bring a cherry on your cake, Yes sounds good! This study process program allows those students to complete their graduation/ degree from 2nd or final year directly to students those have done a diploma of 1st year or 2nd year by any stream from any university.

Generally, a student who proceeds through this program can complete their degree on the same or relevant stream or course from which they have done their previous diploma from any Institute or college and get single sitting degree Delhi but in this, in most cases, a student gets a degree in more than a year.

Let’s read an example to make more clear yourself if candidate or student is having a diploma in IT two years but he/she wants a degree by using diploma as the last qualification. He/she is eligible to proceeds this program for a degree by taking admission directly from the final year from B.TECH or any bachelor degree which is related to IT or engineering as both are relevant field or course. 

This is a completely legal method approved by UGC and acceptable as an equivalent to other degrees. Make yourself clear that in this case the final mark sheet and degree you will get from the university which you will choose to start this study program hence your previous diploma will be still valid and usable if requires.

Kindly do check properly before taking an admission if universities are allowing this process by regular or distance base education accordingly you may go for the further step as per your choice.

Now, the Last and most helping method of “One Sitting Degree Delhi” program is “STUDY BREAKING PROCESS”:-

 This is the method in which most students like to go for, as mostly dropped out or unqualified students are having a complicated educational background with no stability or a huge study gap.

So, this is an amazing program of degree for those students who are dropped out of college or didn’t Qualified because of any reason and having a study gap after their equivalent or high school.

We will brief you this by an example, so either you have attended college or not or you couldn’t complete your degree or dropped out or you disqualified, this study program is providing facility to students to proceed exams of all 3 years in a single year only by giving exams of 1st, 2nd and final year within one year and by this you can get mark sheets of all years within the same year by giving all exams together consistently in single year and get single sitting degree in Delhi.

Benefits of study breaking process:-

  • Not mandatory to have any drop out documents or eligibility criteria for admission.
  • Complete degree in one sitting.
  • Choose course freely accordingly your high school subjects.
  • Become a graduate even after a huge gap in your last education.

 Please get information calmly before applying to any university or college for this study process.

     These are 3 methods how you can complete your education or degree by “One sitting degree Delhi program” We suggest you get a genuine consultant before go to this education program.

Proper guidance and genuine institute can help you to rebuild your educational Qualification legally. Hopefully, this information cleared your all doubts and queries relate to this, We believe in trust and expect to provide proper knowledge to our readers/ clients/ Students/ visitors.

Shiksha Educational Group

We “ Shiksha educational group” like to introduce our self, we are an educational consultant for those students who are willing to process any of these three education programs of single sitting degree Delhi.

We have successfully helped thousands of students to complete their degree by universities which we tied up. We welcome you if you are seeking the same we would like to guide you best and choose the right path to process.

Feel free to contact Shiksha Educational Group 9990235444 and have a conversation with our expert team for more queries or admissions.

Benefits to choosing SHIKSHA EDUCATIONAL GROUP:-

  • Free counseling and guidance to choose your course and university.
  • No extra fee or hidden charges before admission.
  • No scam and fake promises.
  • Tied up with best UGC approved universities for Regular, Distance and One sitting Degree Delhi programs.
  • Priority in admission for students goes through us.

Thanks for reading this article from your precious time, we wish you good luck for your further step. 

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