January 31, 2019

What is degree in one year or one sitting degree?

one sitting degree | single sitting degree

One sitting degree is a program which will help you all to choose better career options; you just need to enroll with Shiksha educational group to get one sitting degree.

If you are here most probably you looking for a degree program. One Sitting Degree Usually a degree Program for those students who are neglected or discontinued from any UGC Approved University. If any student has discontinuation evidence with them and also has the gap years as well. Then these students can join For One Sitting Degree Program through UGC Approved University. The current competitive world requires at least a degree or else No employer will amuse you.

Every student dreams higher education in order to accomplish a bright livelihood in their field. In this aspect, some students after finishing their higher secondary education opt for professional classes in addition to regular courses. Some consider the business oriented short term or diploma classes so as they can rapidly build their career and can stand on their own feet. Well, we all pick our career course in our own terms but who knows when the circumstances become responsible to discontinuing our study and we get unable to finish our graduation or to accomplish a degree. One sitting degree or degree in one year is the best option for you to chase your dreams.

What is the requirement of Degree in One year?

If a student looking for Entrance into a Plan of One sitting degree.

Must have passed the Senior Secondary School examination or Graduation Level ran with a Recognized Board/University or some other Examination recognized as equivalent thereto, as per the standard / Eligibility standards laid down by the Institute/University.

What is the objective of Single sitting degree?

A Straight enrolled student will be Given Degree After successful completion of this course. After finishing this course a candidate can find the jobs in any government as well as the private sector.

Fantastic News for all, Private & Govt. Worker, Golden chance for those who have discontinued or neglected during their own Degree can now finish their Degree in One Year Sitting which will help for their Promotions, Employment & Higher Studies.

Below are three procedures which the Universities following to provide the Degree in One Year .

  • Lateral Entry-A student is eligible for lateral entry Procedure If he/she has finished any diploma program and wishes to take admission in the graduation with similar discipline. In this, a student will be sent directly in the 2nd year or 3rd year so as to obtain the Degree in One Year or One Sitting Degree. The terms and conditions vary in different universities.
  • Breaking Study- Breaking study is the procedure where a student who missing education after the 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year, can acquire himself/herself enrolled for its 3rd year directly. It really doesn’t a matter whether you passed or failed on your graduation program but you must have 3-year of the gap after 10+2. A student must write examinations for each of the three years at a single sitting degree and needs to pay the complete graduation fee.
  • Credit Transfer- In case you’ve passed your 2nd year of graduation from any UGC and DEC recognized university and disregarded your graduation program, then you’re entitled to take admission right in the 3rd year and through this process, you can get your degree in one year. In case when you have completed only the first year of cooperation and discontinued your study, then it’s possible to take admission in the 2nd year of your graduation schedule and through that, you may finish your graduation in the 2-years to get a single sitting degree.

So, get yourself registered for your study now if you discontinued your study for any reason and create a path for your career by getting a Degree in One Year or One Sitting Degree.

What are the benefits of single sitting degree?

  1. Not required in order to attend normal classes.
  2. Students can avail one sitting degree from any region of the world.
  3. University offers easy syllabus with Low Fees and study material.
  4. This single sitting degree is 100% Approved by each of the embassies.
  5. It will help the students to get job promotion together with a salary increase in the present business.
  6. It increases the confidence in the pupils after finishing any level course which raises the working capacity of their students.
  7. Students can save their gap years by choosing Degree in one year Exam Mode.
  8. A student does not need in order to see the University/college on a routine basis.

We will help you in all registration process and enroll for Degree in one year. Once we get all the documents from you which require to join a single sitting degree, we fill the required form to confirm your admission. With this single sitting degree, you can work anywhere; you no need to worry about your graduation. If you still have any questions in your mind, kindly call on the given number to reach our team and get answers.

Note: Only Lateral entry mode is available, though breaking study and degree in one year is illegitimate procedure in India and unavailable.