Is One Sitting Degree Valid in India?

is one sitting degree valid in india?

A One Sitting Degree could be a program in India that permits students to do a three- year bachelor’s curriculum into one year of
study. At the top of the course of study, the scholar completes exit exams during a single sitting – thence the term single sitting degree. Whereas at just one occasion one sitting degrees were a recognized institution giving in India, the single sitting degree has since been abandoned.

Suppose, you get a Degree from an unrecognized college/university, you’ll find yourself holding up with a just a piece of paper not valid anyplace within the world as a result Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) formerly known as University Grants Commission (UGC) won’t attest a bogus degree in fact you’ll be able to get into bother by sending a bogus documents to ministry attestation.

Doing Graduation From any UGC Government Recognized University is Completely Valid. Some Institutes and Universities Offers Graduation Degree in One Year Through Lateral Entry Process which is Completely Valid in India as well as in Government Jobs,
the question comes in mind that what is Lateral Entry or Credit Transfer.

Credit Transfer-If someone has finished their first and second year from any UGC perceived college and has left the course in the middle in any way, or have finished just first and the second year and got failed in the third year and now need to proceed their remaining third year and they unable to take graduation from a similar college then for this situation then he/she can take direct admission in the third year in another university. There are two ways of credit Transfer one is scholarly credit and another is expertise which depends for respect to aptitude and experience of their relative Industry.

Lateral Entry –Any student is eligible for a lateral entry method just in case he/she has completed any certificate program and needs to require admission in graduation in a similar field. In this, a student is going to be sent directly in the second or third year so as to get a Graduation degree. The terms and conditions vary from university to college.

Breaking study – 
Breaking study is the process in which students give all the three-year exams in a single sitting to get a degree in one year.

This process is illegal and not valid in India.

Thus, get yourself recruit these days if you had interrupted your studies earlier thanks to any reason and make a path for your career by obtaining a Graduation Degree in One Year.

Just choose an authentic consultant or genuine institution to apply for the same.

NOTE: Graduation is a three-year


and cannot be completed within in one year. There is a method to save a year that you already completed, so the conclusion is that it’s automatically of three or four years graduation degree.

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