Is there any One-Year degree course in India?

one year degree course

There is no one-year regular degree course in India which is approved by UGC and Government but some institutes provide a degree in one year or backdated degrees which are not genuine and can make you in trouble.

Graduation is a three-year process either you are going with a regular university or from distance mode, you have to give minimum three years for your degree in undergraduate process and a maximum of 6 years and for postgraduation it takes 2years to complete.

In some cases, a student can get one-year degree if he/she fulfills the eligibility criteria of the universities who provide a degree in a single year.

A university provides a degree in one year through credit transfer or lateral entry but first keep in mind that the university is authorized by government and UGC board of India.


There is two procedure to make this happen one is Credit transfer and the second one is Lateral entry, which is briefly explained below.


Credit Transfer means permitting an understudy of another perceived college to get admitted to another UGC approved university for finishing any proportional degree program based using a credit gotten by him/her from that college and get one-year Graduation.

This implies if a student has finished his/her first year/second year from some other college and wishes to apply for second year/third year respectively, he/she can do as such from SVSU.


Lateral entry implies a candidate who has passed an unassembled assessment comprising an examination of training, education, experience, work history or some other methods for assessing relative capabilities.

Ordinarily, Lateral entry will be relevant just from a Graduate Degree to a Graduate Degree and from a Post Graduate Degree to a Post Graduate Degree.


  • The previous documents from which you wants to transfer credits not old than 5 years, i.e in 2020 if you wants to apply for credit transfer/lateral entry then your previous admission must be of 2015.
  • Student have all complete documents like 10th and 12th passing markcards
  • Proof of Gap e.g like pass markcards of the previous university.
  • Aadhar card or address proof

How Can Apply:-

You don’t have to go anywhere just mail us or discuss directly with our counselor at 9990235444 for universities that provide a degree in one sitting.

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